How to: Enable heatmaps in Map view

Last modified: Thursday October 15, 2020.

You can enable heatmaps in Map view. When enabled, each map displays the heat map of where people or vehicles have been over the selected time period. Areas with no traffic show as the standard video stream, whereas areas with traffic show with a transparent colored mask, with the least traffic showing in purple and blue, moving to areas with the most traffic showing in the red spectrum.

Task — Open the Map view tool

  1. Log in to your Ava Aware deployment.
  2. Click New tool from the tool ribbon, then select Map view button Map view.

    If the Map view tab is already open, click the tab to view the page.

Task — Enable heatmaps

  1. Click Heatmaps Heatmaps button.
  2. From the submenu, select either People Heatmap Heatmaps: people or Vehicles heatmap Heatmaps: vehicles.

    The default heatmap setting is to show the last 1 hour of data. To change the time frame used for the heatmap, select Heatmaps settings Heatmap settings and choose your preferred time.